Controversy has always been a part of boxing.  There is a reason that it is called the red light district of sports.  Last week was not exception as some polemical stories came out and hit the boxing landscape in a big way.  No surprise that the stories involve some of the biggest names in the sport since they are the ones that make the boxing world go around.First up is none other than the pound for pound #1 fighter in the world Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.  Last week it was revealed that Mayweather Jr was being sued by his fiancée Shantel Jackson. Jackson brought out the big guns from the get-go as she hired the most renowned female attorney in the business, Gloria Allred.  Ms. Jackson accuses Mayweather Jr of some pretty heavy crimes.  The list includes assault, gun pointing, threatening of shooting off a toe, choking, arm bending and keeping her “virtual prisoner” in his Las Vegas home.

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Professional boxing, or prizefighting, emerged in the early twentieth century as boxing gradually attained legitimacy and became a regulated, sanctioned sport. Professional boxing bouts are fought for a purse which is divided between the boxers as determined by contract. Most professional boxing bouts are supervised by a regulatory authority to guarantee the fighters’ safety. Most high-profile bouts obtain the endorsement of a sanctioning body, which awards championship belts, establishes rules, and assigns its own judges and referee. Professional boxing bouts are typically much longer than amateur bouts, and can last up to twelve rounds, though less significant fights can be as short as four rounds. Protective headgear is not permitted, and boxers are generally allowed to take substantial punishment before a fight is halted. Pro boxing has enjoyed a much higher profile than amateur boxing throughout the twentieth century and beyond.

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